January 2024 – Site Update: “Renewal”

As Salaamu Alaikum Ma,

Some good news for a change! 

Alhumdulillah, the sites (including IntroMuslim) are now fixed on the back-end (tech administrative side). This means I can now easily add things again, like any new pictures you click on that directs you to the specific video page. That was beyond a breathe of fresh air.

I think one of the biggest take aways from this is how on point my editorial themes were for this month, but not according to my own plans in true “Celestial irony”. The themes were/are “renewal”, “refresh”, “restore”, etc.

But as you know, “remind” has been a key one, if not the key this month. And most importantly, the reminders such as Surah Falaq, and what a true blessing that surah is for us. How it protects us from the evil eye of others and ourselves if our hearts are sincere.

Baba used to eat garlic, an old tradition that a few of our family’s cultures would do, to keep the heart good (purify). Add that to the whole “energy vampire” thing, and the real reminder becomes a bit more clear: keep the heart pure. As best as you can.

If the evil eye were like a computer virus, it corrupts the heart first before it corrupts the mind. Slowly turning the data in on itself, which eventually causes a collapse in the processing system, or the brain.

What's next?

My hopes and goals for this coming month of February inshaAllah are:

  • record a video for Surah 113 al-Falaq (Chapter 113, the Day-break), so we have a lesson page and can begin to pace ourselves with some easy to learn surahs like the ones from Juz Amma we learn as kids. Surah Falaq is apart of Juz Amma.
  • beginning to learn the alphabet. I have to figure out the best way to get the lesson plans. They’re either here at the house or back home; but there maybe a photocopied version online somewhere that I can find and use inshaAllah. If not, I can always write it out and photocopy myself. These 2 things will be the main focus, I don’t want to give or push too much. This also allows us to go back and “revist/remind” ourselves on the previous lessons too.

Website wise, I’ll just be keeping an eye on those “web-developer woes” I’ve been telling you about and preparing myself and clients for.


Till next time Ma, 


I love you,

As Salaamu Alaikum,




‘Sajah – – –

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